Oriflamme Co. Ltd. (henceforth "the company") is aware of the importance of protecting personal information and exercises the utmost caution in its handling.


Information obtained and managed by the company shall be defined as follows.

  1. Information provided voluntarily by users
    Email addresses
    Birth dates
    Other information entered by users on input forms designated by the company
  2. Information provided by other relevant services when users permit connections to other services through services provided by the company
    User IDs for relevant external services
    Other information that users allow disclosure of to parties connected to, according to the privacy settings of other relevant external services
  3. Information collected by the company regarding use of the service provided by the company
    • Payment information
    • Device information
    • Log information
    • Cookie information
    • Location information (Provision of this information is at the user's discretion and is not required. Location information obtained includes a margin of error and is not sufficient for identification of individuals on its own)

Intended Uses

  • For the operation of the company's website, services, and systems; improvements to convenience; provision of notifications, etc.
  • Statistical analysis and marketing endeavors which utilize said analysis
  • Provision of targeted ads in a format which cannot identify users
  • Identity verification, calculation and invoicing of fees, prevention of improper use, etc.
  • Responses to other inquiries, etc.

Provision of Information

The company will not leak user information or disclose it to third parties except in the following cases.
When disclosing or providing information obtained via aggregation and analysis to a partner or other third party in a format in which individuals cannot be identified or specified.
When otherwise disclosing or using personal information with the voluntary consent of the user.
When disclosing information in accordance with an order issued by a court or any other legal decision, order, or mandate.
When there is a legal and official request for the data from a prosecutor, police agency, or regulatory authority.
When ownership of portions connected to the service is transferred, and all rights and responsibilities are legally assumed by the party transferred to.

Management Policy

The company will manage personal information fairly and in accordance with applicable laws. Furthermore, the company will provide training and education opportunities for its executives and employees
to foster dedication to legal compliance and ensure appropriate handling of personal information in routine work.


This privacy policy's contents may be changed without prior notice.
In the event of changes, all users will be notified via postings on the company's website.
Users are advised to check the website periodically.

[Inquiries Regarding Handling of Personal Information]
Oriflamme Co. Ltd. Personal Information Management Officer
Composed: 04/01/2016